To David Miscavige

Mr. Miscavige,

In May of this year I posted on this blog a letter urging you to repent so we can handle you. I thought I made it very clear that it is important that you are handled this lifetime. If you wait for next lifetime it will be too late, as you will be in such miserable state that you will not be able to avail yourself for handling. You will then have to suffer through several life times, and perhaps then you will be again in a shape to be audited. We will be here. Your corrupt organization will not. However, why go through a hundred years of agony, when you can end it today?

It is possible that you need more details as to how you could start on a route to repair you as a being. I will try to direct you in this blog. Your behavior indicates that you are walking around with a missed withhold. The constant nattery, the accusations of other. The fact that you put yourself in seclusion and avoid people. These are all indicators of a missed withhold. Once you give it up, you will have an easier time reaching the right decision.

A missed withhold is something that was nearly found out. Nearly found out, but still unknown. That means that all the things known about you are not it. It is something that we do not know about you. I would not even venture to guess what it is. The Truth is, it does not even matter to me. All I care about is that you and your church start on the road to healing.

Here is my suggestion to you. If you reveal your undisclosed overts and withholds to me I will guarantee you confidentiality. The Auditor Code applies in full.

Here is how you do it: write me a comment on this blog. I will give you an email to send your overts and withholds write up to. I will go over them to make sure they are written correctly. I will then make arrangements for you to get a meter check (in confidence) from someone with great TRs and great metering skills.

At that point you will be on the road to recovery, and we will take it from there.

I am giving you a door here to salvage yourself. Nobody else has done it. Nobody else will do it. You are hated and despised by all. There is but one being willing to help you. That is I. Take the hand!


An Open Letter to David Miscavige

Mr. Miscavige,

I have been watching you for almost thirty years now. If there is one thing that characterizes you for me, it is your unhappiness. Funny, you call yourself “The leader of the Church of Scientolgy.”  Scientology is all about achieving happiness, and here you are one of the most unhappy beings I ever met, and I mean EVER.

While in “The Anti Social Personality, the Anti Scientologist” LRH talks about the inability of a suppressive to introspect, I am certain that deep inside you know how suppressive you really are.

You may think you could get through your life with your MEST luxuries compensating for your misery, but what about next life time?  I have met a few people who where your caliber supressives in a previous life time. Let me tell you that you have no idea what misery awaits you.

In “The Secret of Greatness” LRH writes:

“To love despite everything. That is the secret of greatness.”

This why I offer you a way out. If you take it, you achieve happiness for this lifetime and next. If you do not, you will always regret it.

So here it is. Resign your position. Your replacement cannot be anybody close to you, or any present day executive of the Sea Org. The are all poisoned.

You will go to the RPF. Not your version, but LRH’s. 8 hours sleep a night. 3 tasty nutritious meals a day. 4 hours enhancement a day. And yes, MEST work. I can promise you that the work will be real work and not something done to humiliate you. I can also promise you that the CS will only have your interest in mind. You will get standard CSing and auditing.  You will get rid of what is causing you to be suppressive. You will go Clear and maybe OT.  Oh by the way, you will be free to leave whenever you want.

Mr. Miscavige, this is a great way for you to handle your eternity. The more you wait with your decision, the deeper you sink. Should you choose to take it, I am sure you will regret many things you have done, but not this.

Simple Thetan