My Thoughts on the Character of LRH, Dianetics, Scientology and all that Jazz

For a fanatic Scientologist, one that is still in a member of the Church, or some of the Independents or Free Zoners, what I am about to write will surely appear as heresy.  I feel sorry for you.  You have lost your ability to think freely.  My recommendation is that you read this essay anyway.  It will help you on your road to spiritual expansion (or transcendence in the words of Rathbun).  There is nothing wrong with me voicing my opinion.  One does not have to accept it.  In my day to day job I manage quite a few people.  I treat them all, old or young, as friends and encourage them to voice their opinion, especially when they disagree.  People disagree with me all day long, sometimes vehemently, yet they still stay my friends.  I find most disagreements with me enriching, especially when done in a polite way.

I did not write this essay as a scientific work.  Believe me gentle reader, my research was thorough and comprehensive.  I want to encourage the reader to go out and find out for himself.  A person seeking spiritual enrichment cannot be spoon fed.  Very credible data, as well as incredible is available on the Internet.  Finding out for yourself is part of the process of going free.  If I gave you everything with references and cross references, you may accept or not accept it.  However, my job, as I see it, is to tickle your intellect, perhaps annoy you into studying the subject, and finding out for yourself.

A few years ago, David Miscavige started his “Ideal Orgs” project.  For me, that was another in a stream of indicators of a behavior straying from what I considered at the time the Philosophy of Scientology.  In December 31, 2011, I went to the New Year’s Event, and realized that the Church of Scientology has become an organization in pursuit of fancy buildings and expensive real estate.  When I arrived home, there was an email in my inbox.  That email was from Debbie Cook.  I do not need to elaborate on that letter, since you can find it in the Internet.  I only want to tell you that the letter and the reaction to it by the church convinced me that the Church of Scientology is a criminal organization, and that David Miscavige is a psychopath (please understand that I am not just calling names, I truly believe these words are true and appropriate).

But what about the Founder of the Church of Scientology – L.  Ron Hubbard (or LRH as I will call him from here on)?  Well, it took me a year and a half, but I finally crystalized my view point about him.  I may be correct in my view point, or I may be fully or partially wrong, but my opinion is helping me in my spiritual pursuit.  Perhaps, it will also help the readers.

In my search I was helped by several people who wrote of their encounter with LRH and with David Miscavige.  I am mentioning some of them here without links to their works.  These are easily found with Google.

  1. Jeff Hawkins was the person who created the biggest affluence in the history of the Church of Scientology.  Should the church continue in his way, it would have been toady what it now falsely claim to be.  Perhaps it is lucky that a criminal seeks his own destruction.  He wrote his story in a book called “Counterfeit Dreams.”
  2. Otto Roos was the first Senior Case Supervisor.  His long story can be found on the Internet.
  3. Mark (Marty) Rathbun whom I do not need to introduce, wrote three books about Scientology.  In the last book, he announces that he no longer wishes to call himself a Scientologist.
  4. LRH’s books and tapes, are a rich source of data about the man.  A careful study of his work reveals most of what one needs to know about him.  The work of a Scientist does not only involve a library search, but also a thorough analysis of the subject of study.  In hind site, every conclusion I reached about the man shows up in his own work.  If you study his work critically, and compare it to your own inner compass, and to some great philosophers, you may reach interesting conclusions. 

Some LRH Attributes

A few attributes are obvious when observing LRH:

  • He was very smart – LRH clearly had an IQ way above the average.
  • He was very charismatic – No question, he could definitely get the affection of the people who were around him.
  • He was an acceptable auditors – Mostly, it looks like LRH was a good and caring auditor.  Although I have encountered some tapes where he seems to ridicule his preclear (the subject of his auditing).
  • He was a good trainer – People who were trained by LRH swear by him, and indeed the ones I met where superior auditors.
  • He was not very thorough in his study – Somehow, he managed to come up with the right conclusions mostly.  However, when one reads his works, one immediately develops a suspicion that some of his stories are far fetched.  I have read his book Dianetics many times.  While I could easily see that his description of what is happening in a Dianetics session is correct, I could never get the fantastic incidents he described there.  Nor did I ever observed them in his model sessions.  I have also read many sessions of other auditors.  I have never met an attempted abortion, or a extramarital affair that the embryo witnessed.  Surely, with the number of Dianetics sessions I came across, I should have observed some of those.  According to LRH these incidents are very common. 
  • LRH was quite loose with the truth – I am a firm believer that everybody lies.  God knows, I lied from time to time and will continue to do so.  However, according to the people who were with LRH, he was very good at lying, and could do so and sound very convincing.  It is enough to hear the tapes where he described his adventures in World War II, and then look at his true navy records to know that my statement is correct.  I even came across tapes where he contradicts himself on his own war stories.
  • LRH did not cooperate well with others in his research – Despite what LRH claimed repeatedly, research is not an individual effort.  Newton, Galilei, Einstein, Bohr, Feynman, etc. did not work by themselves.  Their work was checked, remarked upon, and corrected by others.  This is how research is done.  It is very difficult to think without a critical mind to bounce your thoughts against.  It is possible that Philosophy can be carried out by an individual on his own, but I doubt it.  Many people have contributed to the development of Scientology, and Dianetics, but they never got credit for their work.  Among these are: Volney Mathison, Otto Roos, David Mayo, and others.
  • LRH could not admit a mistake – I never came across any utterance by LRH where he admits mistakes.  Everybody makes mistakes.  Authors of scientific books publish errata on a regular basis, but not LRH.  The writings of LRH contain many conflicts. It is not possible for all of them to be valid.  Yet LRH orders his instructors to grind you to death by looking for misunderstood words, and if you still cannot reconcile the data, then “you must have overts.”  (Overts are transgressions against your moral code.)
  • LRH was a terrible administrator – The Policy Letters are not a complete body of work.  They are a hodgepodge of arbitraries, trivialities, and cross orders.  I have not observed any organization being successful by applying the so called: “LRH Admin Tech.”  I saw organizations claim to have applied it successfully, but a close observation always revealed skilled executives doing what they thought was right and not following LRH closely the way LRH or David Miscavige would like.  Hell, even Miscavige is not following Admin Tech.  Moreover, LRH himself did not follow it.  

The Personality of LRH

In writing the following, I ask the gentle reader’s forgiveness.  For the following is a view point of LRH.  It is not a scientific conclusion.  I am writing it here so that when we later analyze the evolution of Scientology and the Church of Scientology, we may have a better understanding of why it evolved the way it did.  I admit; I could be totally wrong in my conclusions.  However, if I understand correctly the works of Roos, Hawkins, and Rathbun, I feel that they would agree with my assertions.  Perhaps they would even view me as being “too kind” to LRH.

From the history of LRH (the real one), he looks like a very weak personality.  The inability to take criticism, the obsessive lying, and the uncontrolled temper, all point to a serious lack of self confidence.  It looks like that is what drove LRH to boast adventures that never happened.  A person who does not think very highly of himself cannot accept criticism as it makes him doubt himself.  

A character trait that we find usually in people with low self esteem, is a lack of “moral spine”.  I already mentioned before the fact that LRH was a compulsive layer.  The facts show that he was also devoid of personal loyalties.  Every single one of his close followers was betrayed by him.  The ultimate was of course, his wife Mary Sue, whose betrayal by him was utter and complete.  I truly believe that had he continued living, he would have eventually betray Broaker and Miscavige.  

People who lack self confidence tend to find one strong personality and lean on them.  LRH was no different.  Lucky for LRH, in his golden years, that person was his wife Mary Sue.  She seems to have been a very skilled executive and a very social personality.  She also seemed to have loved him very much, and she continued to shield and protect him even after he betrayed her.  The problem for him, was that in his fear of the authorities, he threw her under the train.  By that he abandoned his source of strength.  Instead, he picked up two new people: Pat Broaker, and David Miscavige.  Both, dishonest individuals who exploited him and lead him astray.

The sad part in all that is that LRH had within him the means and know how to turn himself around, and become a much stronger, much more positive personality.  As Otto Roos wrote in his book: “He never availed himself of his own technology.”  Perhaps because of his lack of confidence he never actually allowed himself to trust his auditor in session and to reveal his inner self.  That is regretful.

From many testimonies it look like LRH was a serious abuser of drugs and alcohol.  Again, this is sad in view of the fact that he created a very efficient way to handle the effects of drugs and the compulsion to use them.  

Was LRH a suppressive personality? If you asked me that question a year ago I would have said “Absolutely Not.”  Today, I give a more cautious answer.  It depended on who was his strong backer.  When he was under the influence of Mary Sue, he was definitely not behaving like one.  People who where with them, testified that whenever Mary Sue was around, LRH was more calm and more charitable.  With Pat Broaker and David Miscavige around him, he manifested the traits of a suppressive, as he himself wrote them.  It was inevitable, however, that he would betray a friend as soon as circumstances presented themselves.  I therefore believe that he was on the cusp of becoming suppressive at any time.  According to his own theory, he was definitely suppressive.  He failed his own ultimate test.  He did not make case gain. 

The Tech, Admin, and Ethics of LRH

Once I established my opinion of the personality of LRH, I turned around and started surveying his creation; the technology of the mind, the technology of administration, and the ethics and justice of Scientology.  You can obviously observe that I do not think that Hubbard was all bad, nor do I view him as all or even mostly good.  I tried to analyze his work from a practical view point.  Should one use any of his developments?  To what degree?  What are the benefits?  For me, the answer is complex.  I believe that the Tech works well up to a certain point in its development.  Beyond that point, you will have to find another way to transcend.  Following this paragraph, I will scan the different parts of the Tech and give you my opinions and my findings.  I do not want this to become a book, hence my analysis is not as comprehensive and exhaustive as it should be.  I believe however, that if you read and understand this text, you will be able to complete the analysis yourself.  

The Technology of Scientology 


The book “Dianetics – a Modern Science on Mental Health” is not an easy read.  It is written in a cumbersome language.  I believe it is written like that due to LRH’s lack of confidence in his own creation.  He wrote it in a manner which would allow him to claim a critic did not fully understand it.  After all, LRH’s fiction is written quite well even though it lacks innovation and originality.  It seems to me like he tried to write in a scientific jargon without an actual knowledge of how a science book is written.  That is not surprising in view of the fact that LRH did not have any scientific training.  The tales in his book are quite incredible.  I have not met an attempted abortion in a Dianetics session.  Despite the above, once you start a Dianetics session as an auditor or a PC, you can see that it does work as described in the book.  The gains are tremendous if run by a skilled auditor.  It could be quite annoying in the hands of a not so skilled auditor.

New Era Dianetics (NED)

After years of stumbling with Dianetics, LRH developed a streamlined procedure to run it.  There is no doubt in my mind that LRH observed many sessions before he developed NED.  It is quite possible that NED was not developed by LRH, as it is a very organized procedure that carries the signature of a very sharp and disciplined mind, such that LRH was not.  It requires a lot more training from the auditor.  The result is a Dianetics procedure that works well and fast.  My recommendation; do not even start with old style Dianetics, start straight with NED.  In the old days, NED was run on preclears before anything else.  I believe that is the way to go.  NED should be the first auditing a person receives.  Perhaps with the exception of Self Analysis.  I have read a very detailed analysis claiming that Standard Dianetics, was better.  Based on my experience, I can honestly inform you that NED works exactly as as advertised.  It is the fastest – most efficient way to achieve the objectives of Dianetics.  It is the most valid component of Dianetics and Scientology. 

The state of Clear

Many words were written about the state of Clear.  In the book Dianetics it is described in fantastic terms.  According to LRH, the Clear is some kind of super human.  This has been the subject of ridicule and contempt.  I have agonized over it a lot, but I arrived at the conclusion that the state does exist.  I arrived at it by a subjective observation as well as an objective one.  I am sorry to disappoint you my hopeful reader, it is not a super human state.  The Clear cannot move mountains with a bat of an eyelash.  He can die of cancer.  He still fights with his spouse.  He could be gay (not that there is something wrong with that).  He could rob banks, etc.  So, you ask yourself, what is it? It is a subjective state.  It is a certain transcendence, a realization that can make you a little happier, a little more confidence, and a little more spiritual.  I do not want to “spoil the surprise”, hence I will not reveal it here.  Is it worth it? Absolutely.  Can you lose the state? You lost it once, you can lose it again.  Should you get audited on NED or Dianetics after you have reached that state? Honestly, it is up to you.  It will not kill you or make you sick.  It will certainly not invoke the case of your Body Thetans (in my opinion these exist only in the minds of LSD users), but perhaps you will feel that it is no longer as exciting as it used to be.

Past Life Times

Soon after the release of Dianetics, preclears started running into past lives.  This is a controversy that continues to the present; is it real?  LRH solved it in a very elegant way.  His statement was: if it comes up and you run it, the preclear gets better.  I can assure you skeptic reader, that this statement is one hundred percent, absolute truth.  If you get audited on Dianetics you will indeed realize it for yourself, that is a guarantee.  

Scientology is not the only philosophy/religion believing in past lives.  Buddhism, Hindu, the Jewish Kabbalah, all believe it.  In the Middle East, there is a sect called the Druze.  Members of the sects believe firmly in it.  In fact, many of them can verifiably point to their former identities.  I myself came up with facts that were later verified by a third party in some ancient documents.  If you are still skeptical, you should ask yourself: why don’t I remember those?  I believe the reason is that we do not want to.  We decide that we want to start anew, and we give ourselves that chance.  Simply, that is the way the human spirit is ticking. 

Self Analysis and Straightwire

Chances are that at a certain point on your road, you would have met with the book “Self Analysis.”  It has in it processes that you can run on yourself, or on somebody else.  If you are lucky, you have (or will have) encountered it right after or right before Dianetics.  These processes are wonderful.  You will find yourself feeling better about yourself and the environment.  They will sharpen you memory and your perceptions, and give you real gain.  You can always run them.  You can do it many times, it is fun.

Later on, LRH added a number of processes and created a whole Grade (on that later) called Straightwire.  Again it works, and I recommend it to anybody.  Perhaps more than once.


If you have experienced Dianetics and / or Self-Analysis / Straightwire, chances are you have experienced exteriorization.  This is a condition where, as a spirit you are out of the body, to one degree or another.  Marty Rathbun describes it to a great detail in his book.  People have experience exteriorization with other methods.  The US intelligence (and most likely other countries’ intelligences) has studied it extensively.  I myself have experienced it many times, and witnessed others experience it.  It is real.

It seems to me that in the early days of Scientology, LRH concerned himself predominantly with the subject of exteriorization.  The Philadelphia Doctoral Course, and the First Advanced Clinical course concerned themselves with exteriorization.  LRH developed a series of drills to help a person exteriorize himself, and once there, perceive near and far objects.

I firmly believe that had LRH stuck to the subject, Scientology today would have been very successful.  Moreover, had LRH given up on the alcohol and drugs, he could have raised himself with what he developed out of the personal hell he was in.

One observation that LRH made, and I have seen it myself, is that sometime exteriorization restimulates death.  When that happens, the person may experience head aches, restlessness, and a general feeling that he is going crazy.  I believe it goes away by itself after a while, or perhaps by continuing to do the same drill.  However, LRH developed a process called Interiorization / Exteriorization Run Down.  Running the process, will resolve the situation and stabilize the exteriorization.  You may even become Clear on it.  I observed it happen many times.  

I feel that the exteriorization drills are fun and beneficial for the mentally healthy.  I would not recommend them to people who are mentally unstable.  For a reasonably sane person, these drills will be stabilizing, they will also increase ability, as now the person will have a better view point on things.  

The Purification Run Down

There is an HCOB (Hubbard Communication Office Bulletin – The technical papers published by LRH) called “Programming of Cases.”  In it LRH explains that only certain people need to have their drug case handled.  However, today David Miscavige is supervising the cases of everybody by giving blanket orders.  Everybody is sent to do the Purification Run Down.  In the Purif you take large amounts of Niacin, Salt, and Potassium, exercise for twenty minutes and then spend five hours in a sauna.  In the end, you are given oil, calcium-magnesium, and vitamins.  This goes on every day until you feel you are done.  Some people spend months on this process.  It is supposed to get rid of toxins that are stored in your fat.  Other than ureic acid, I have found no scientific basis for this theory.  Subjectively, I will tell you that you do feel as if you are getting rid of toxins.  Maybe there is something to it.

The problem with the Purif is that it carries many perils.  A non exhaustive list includes:
dehydration,  overheating, limbic system overload, vitamin poisoning, increased blood pressure, heart-attack, stroke.  The list goes on and on.  My recommendation is if you are above 35 years old, and are overweight, or have any medical condition, DO NOT do it. If you do it you under the wrong condition, maybe Miscavige will let you continue paying for the Bridge, but you stand a risk of terminating you bodily existence. 

The Objectives

The objectives are a series of processes where the auditor gives the preclear a command, and demands that he executes it.  This goes on until the preclear comes to some realization, and the auditor, in an arbitrary fashion decides that there has been enough of the process to allow the preclear to graduate.

In the fifties when LRH worked with Volney Mathison on the development of auditing procedures, it was the objectives that caused Volney to part ways with LRH.  Volney just could not see how the Objectives could help a person.  

This is where I too part ways with LRH on view points.  In my opinion and experience, there are a few objectives that are beneficial if run for a short time.  Most of the processes are degrading and humiliating.  The preclear inevitably goes into a hypnotic state, where he is not really there.  In his mind, the poor preclear is trying to find out what to say to make the auditor stop.  LRH explained that the preclear is actually running out hypnotism.  I observed that this is not true.  To my logical way of thinking it makes no sense to state that you aim at a better determination, and at the same time, order the person around like he was a little poppy dog.  

Should your auditor insist on giving you objectives, my advice is to seek another auditor.  If you want to hang on to this one, make an agreement with him that he will end up each process as soon as you give him a cognition, and that he will not let you get into a hypnotic  state.  

Repetitive Processing

In Scientology there is a methodology of processing where the auditor repeats a question, or a group of questions over and over until the Preclear experiences some kind of a realization, or cognition in the jargon.  This is supposed to peel the layers of resistance and expose the real “charge.”

In model sessions you hear LRH repeating a question many times.  He himself sounds bored and automatic.  He is going way beyond what is necessary.  It does not seem to benefit the preclear.

In my opinion, repetitive processing has tremendous value, done right.  The auditor has to be totally aware of what is going on with the preclear and not let him run beyond the optimum point of cognition.  One has to be aware that sometimes the preclear does not reveal his cognition and the auditor has to spot the fact that he had one.  The most common mistake auditors make is failing to spot that point.  

Repetitive processing is fun and fast in the hands of a skilled auditor.  In the hands of an unskilled one you feel as if you are digging your own grave.  That should be your clue, if you feel that way, it is not because your auditor is thorough, but because he is unskilled and is not paying attention to you.  Switch auditors or demand that your auditor gets himself better trained before you continue.  Remember, auditing is communication.  If the auditor repeat the question robotically, he is not communicating. 

The Grades

The Grades are a serious of clustered processes that deal with different aspects of human life.  These are:

  • ARC Straight Wire
  • Communication 
  • Problems
  • Overts and Withholds
  • Upsets
  • Abilities

The Grades are made mostly of repetitive processes.  Marty Rathbun in his book describes how the grades should be run.  In the hands of a skilled auditor one will make tremendous gains from the Grades.

I would like to add that the order of the Grades is completely arbitrary, despite LRH claims to the opposite.  Also, there is no harm for a Clear to get them.

Beyond Clear

We have come now to the real controversy of Scientology.  A subject which has caused bitter fights between the followers of LRH, and the opposers.  The OT (Operating Thetan) levels.  LRH definition for Operating Thetan is willing an knowing cause overt matter, energy, space, time, thought, form, and postulate.  This is a tall order.  I can guarantee you one thing.  You will not reach that state with Scientology, nobody has.  I would like to add my dime (or perhaps it is only a nickel) to the controversy.  This is what I deciphered for myself.  Perhaps it could help you, confused reader, decide what you should do to navigate through this mine field.

The definition of OT is a very poetic statement.  However, if you examine it carefully, you realize that you are looking at a definition of God.  Now that you realize that, it is only natural for you to ask yourself (if you are a logical being); is it achievable? My answer: perhaps.  Next question: has anybody achieved it?  The definite answer: not with Scientology.  

Otto Roos described all kinds of experiences, so did Jeff Hawkins.  I myself have experienced some abilities beyond the realm of mere physics.  For example, when my phone rings in my pocket, I always know who it is, and I announce it before I pull my phone out.  That does not make me God.  None of those experiencing “OT abilities” was able to persistently demonstrate them.  Yet one can move closer toward that goal. US intelligence was able to somewhat succeed with remote sensing. 

In looking at the OT levels I looked at the original ones and the new ones.

The Original OT Levels

These where a reorganization of the procedures from the Philadelphia Doctoral Course SOP 8C and SOP 8O.  They are fun, and they will definitely enhance your abilities in the God department, although they will not make you into God, perhaps a little godling.

I recommend you do them repeatedly.  They are very relaxing, and will make you feel good about yourself.  These processes will not put you in an hypnotic state.  Thus, there is no harm involved in doing them. 

There is absolutely no reason for these levels to be confidential.  They will not impart on you some ancient secret wisdom.   It is only a marketing gimmick.

The New OT Levels

These came out of some bad LSD trip.  They deal with something called Body Thetans or BTs.  Instead of auditing yourself you audit these so called parasitical thetans telepathically.  I would like to point out a few facts:

  • Both OT3 and OT5 came out at times of real personal crisis to LRH.  OT3 came out when he was abusing drugs and alcohol.  OT5 came after he suffered a debilitating stroke.
  • OT3 came out after controversy about the state of Clears.  Clears still had engrams, they still behaved like they had a reactive mind.  Here is the solution: it is not them, it is their Body Thetans.
  • The concept of Body Thetans is in utter and complete conflict with the definition of a Thetan.  Here is a being who is not supposed to be part of this universe, being treated like a piece of meat.  Sorry, it does not work for me.
  • The history and geology of planet Earth does not show any evidence of Hydrogen bombs being dropped on volcanos.  Come on LRH, you could have done a lot better in the fantasy department.  
  • It is of course a mere convenience that the evil Xenu used what weapons were known in the sixties, i.e.  hydrogen bombs and not some weapons available to his space faring civilization.  I don’t know, something like gravitation bombs, or tachyon charges.  I think it was very considerate of Xenu.  Maybe he was not that evil after all.
  • The concept of OT3 and beyond is in complete and utter violation of the Auditor Code.  A behavioral code in which LRH instructs auditors how to behave in and out of session.  He specifically admonished the auditor that if they where to violate this code their preclears would not do well at all.  The first precept of the code is:
  • “I promise not to evaluate for the preclear or tell him what he should think about his case in session.”
  • In OT3, LRH does exactly that; he tells the PC what to think about his case.  If that case was real, it is impossible that other PCs would not come up with it in their own Dianetics sessions.  Yet to the best of my knowledge nobody ever did.

It is my opinion that the new OT levels are dangerous in that they enforce insanity on the person receiving them.  My advice to you is: Do not do them!

There is only one reason for the confidentiality of these levels.  They are insane.  Nobody in his right mind is willing to accept them.  In Scientology, these are revealed to you only after you have had OT Preparations, and OT Eligibility.  Then you go through all kind of riga morel about kipping it confidence.  By then you are put into a receptive mode, and you believe anything you are told.  Again, my advice to you, again: DO NOT DO IT!

The E-Meter

A crucial part of Scientology auditing is the E-Meter.  It is a device that measure galvanic skin response, i.e. It measures the electric resistance between the hands of the preclear.  It does not read thoughts.  Certain mental phenomena could affect the resistance between the hands.  A lot was written about it.  Some claim that stress causes you to tighten your grip on the electrodes.  The bottom line is, it does not matter.  There are manifestations of the needle that can be tied to manifestations of the mind.  In the Church of Scientology the E-Meter is over used grossly.  In an auditing session, communication has to flow freely between the auditor and the preclear.  The E-Meter should be used to pick up what to run if the preclear is not certain, and to unstick a situation the preclear is stuck on.  In any case, the word of the preclear is far senior to the E-Meter.  You might say that the E-Meter speaks only when the preclear does not.

Another issue with the E-Meter is that the definition of it by LRH is: “That reaction of the meter which occurs at the precise end of the major thought expressed by the auditor.”  In any physical device there is an inherent delay.  The E-Meter designed by the Church of Scientology is no different.  It has an electronic delay of up to half a second (measured), and it chops anything much shorter than one second.  The auditor should be aware of the preclear’s reactions, and respond to them as a priority.

If you find yourself during session focusing more on the E-Meter and less on your case, it is a clear sign that the auditor does the same.  Demand that he communicates to you and not to the E-Meter.

The Administration Technology of LRH

Whenever you build an organization, you have to administer it.  It does not matter whether it is a business, a charity, a religion, a political party, or even a crime organization.  Scientology is no different.  Hubbard failed utterly with his Dianetics Foundation.  He went bankrupt in less than two years.  Not only because he lacked any administrative skills, but also because in a true LRH fashion, he refused to allow skillful managers to do their jobs.  

All of the sudden, in the fifties, LRH started to put out Policy Letters.  After extolling individualism, after talking about the Dynamics being concentric circles, where the group comes after the family, which comes after the individual, LRH’s policy negates the individual and the family totally.  The message is clear: “there is Tech and there is Admin do not confuse the two.” I do not believe there was any Philosopher or Scientist in the past which made such distinction.  Confucius definitely did not.  I believe this distinction is arbitrary, and it is false.  A group is not a living entity, it is made of the individuals in it.  Handle the individuals, and you handle the group.  Ignore them and your group is kaput.

There are truths hidden in Admin tech.  However, there are two problems with it: they are buried under a lot of falsehood, and they are quite trivial.

My recommendation is that if you need to administer a group, you should not use LRH Admin Tech.  Do not even try to find some “pearls of wisdom” in it.  If you follow LRH Admin tech, you will soon find yourself deviating more and more from it, or you will fail.  Many have tried, none succeeded.  

The Ethics of Scientology

We are now hitting a very sensitive and painful area of Scientology – Ethics.  You a confused reader, may have seen some or perhaps experienced the injustice system of the Church of Scientology.  It would be legitimate for you to reject it all together.  However, I feel that a careful and discriminant application of Scientology ethics could be of benefit.  I will attempt an explanation henceforth.  

In his article “Ethics, Justice, and the Dynamics” LRH make a big deal out of pure semantics.  He defines some words for the reader:

Dynamics – these are the so called, circles of life.  Even Hubbard admits to an arbitrary definition.  However, he claims, rightfully, that this is a working division.  

Ethics – what a person does to survive in life.

Morals – the code (law) that a group of people puts forth to make sure it and the people in it survive.

Justice – what the group does to compel adherence to a moral code (in other words- punishment).  

I admonish you, my reader, even if you are a strict follower of LRH, do not view the above as the gospel.  It is merely a working semantic.  Others have defined these words differently, and it did work for them.  Since we are assessing the work of LRH, let us stay with his definitions.  These are good enough.

I am willing to accept that ethics is the superior driving force.  However, LRH then proceeds to blasts morals.  Perhaps the reason is that if you follow LRH’s life you will find out he was quite an immoral fellow.  For example, he cheated on every wife or girlfriend he had.  I believe that if you want a group to survive you need to have a moral code.  LRH himself wrote many moral codes in spite of what he wrote in the above article.  In other words, he contradicted himself.  Perhaps the most known is “Offenses and Penalties” which is oppressive, tyrannical, and contradicts most previous moral codes he wrote.

LRH taught how justice (punishment) was ineffective.  Yet, he continued to punish his followers right and left.  

My advice to you, sensitive reader.  View all the moral codes written by LRH as hypocrisy.  The only one that counted in his eyes was “Offenses and Penalties.”  Ignore it, and shy away from anybody who believes it.  It is designed to wipe out the conscience inherent in every person.  If somebody follows it, you cannot trust him.


A crucial part of Scientology Ethics are the Conditions.  Initially LRH came up with the Conditions of Non-Existence to Power.  I do not view these as a scientific truth, but I find them useful.  I recommend applying them in a crisis of life.

Later on, LRH came up with the set of “lower conditions”; Liability to Confusion.  My opinion these are designed for mind control.  They do not make any other sense what so ever.  Do not apply them.  If somebody insists on you doing them, that person is not your friend.  He (or she) wants to humiliate you into submission

Potential Trouble Source

In Scientology, a potential trouble source is somebody connected to a person who is antagonistic to him or what he is doing or wants to do.  Such person according to LRH, is prone to accidents, he will make mistakes, and become ill.  This is an obvious truth.  Witness how many people being audited on the OT Levels get sick and die.  One does not need to be a genius to understand that when somebody is making your life miserable, you may become miserable.

In his article about PTS handling LRH states: “Any disease to any degree is PTSness.” If that is true, then why when you become sick during auditing LRH claims a mistake has been made in the auditing?  The truth is there are many causes; mental, environmental and physical to a disease.  PTSness is one of them.  LRH was sick a lot.   He had a heart condition, his teeth were rotting, he was over weight, and he smoked like a chimney.  Perhaps in his case it was PTSness.   Do not insist somebody became sick because he is PTS.  Find the real reason, be it mental or physical.

LRH claims that there are only two remedies; handle or disconnect.  This is destructive.  How about listening to what the person antagonizing you is saying?  Perhaps he has a good reason, such as you borrowed money from him and did not pay back in time.  Maybe you did not come visit him when his mom died.  The correct handling is to find out the real reason for the conflict, and then resolve it.

In rare cases, the solution is to disconnect, such as to disconnect from the oppressive Church of Scientology.  Even then, do not disconnect permanently.  Sometimes disconnection is not an option.  If you decide to disconnect from a child a parent or a sibling, then my friend, it is you who are in the wrong, and I, for one, do not want anything to do with you.


I have tried my best to give you a practical guide to the application of Scientology.  I hope it is helpful.  I am always happy to try and answer question to the best of my ability.

Here is a summary of my conclusions:

  • Do not use Admin Tech.  Learn and rely on people who understand administration.
  • You should use the Conditions from Non-Existence to Power when you need them, but do not touch the lower Conditions.
  • Decide for yourself what your moral code is.
  • Do not trust any person who subscribes to LRH’s “Offenses and Penalties.”
  • Dianetics (prefer New Era Dianetics) is good.  Just make sure you are having a good time.  Otherwise, replace your auditor.
  • Self Analysis and Straightwire are good.  Use them repeatedly.
  • The Grades (0 – 4) are good. See my comment about Dianetics regarding the auditor.
  • The Old OT Levels are good. You can run them repeatedly as you wish.
  • The New OT Levels are insane.  Get away!
  • The state of Clear is real, but not that of a super human.
  • Exteriorization is real.
  • Past life times are real.

Good Luck with you spiritual search!