I joined Scientology over twenty five years ago.  The first event I attended was the one announcing LRH death.  Frankly, I almost left Scientology.  David Miscavige looked like a thug.  Pat Broaker looked like a con-man that just completed a con.  The rest looked like a bunch of ninnies.

I decided to stay because these people were not LRH.  I refused to use these gang as the meter to measure Ron.  Over the years, I had a lot of wins, and I gave plenty to others.

Then Golden Age came.  I found out I was blind, being led by blinds, and leading blinds.  All of the sudden auditors became robots.  The Bridge became one big Sec Check.  Whether I heard “I am not auditing you” or not, I was investigated by an MAA or the D of P on my “overts.”  It is not longer safe to receive auditing.

I started this blog with an open letter to David Miscavige, offering him a way out.  Is he going to take it? Almost certainly not.  However, it plants a seed with him that there is a way out.

As time goes by, I am able to break the shakles of the mind imposed on me by LRH. I am able to see that LRH was not a positive benevolent fellow, but rather a self centered psychopath. The “Bridge to Total Freedom” does not lead anywhere, but to mental degeneration. It is LRH that laid the ground for Miscavige to commit his crime. It is he who started the tradition of abuse that is so common in Scientology.

I know longer call myself a Scientologist.

Simple Thetan


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