Scientology and Disconnection

The Church of Scientology loves disconnecting people from one another. They love breaking families, ruining relationships. Disconnection, they believe is what keeps them afloat. They know their atrocities are so bad that without the disconnection sword looming over their followers they would not survive.

Disconnection was invented by the founder LRH for exactly that. To keep people in line. However, even he understood that disconnection is the road to destruction.

In 1968 in his annual tape RJ68 LRH says:

(27:35 minutes) “Disconnection is canceled as a relief for those suffering family oppression and is not longer required SP orders and the person has to handle. The fairgame law was canceled”

LRH did not cancel disconnection for the goodness of his heart. His organization was dying, several countries were about to take legal actions against him. A quick survey showed that the most upsetting issue to the public was Disconnection. LRH was a survivor. He understood that with disconnection he will not survive. Thus he cancelled it. The credit, to a large degree belongs to his wife Marry Sue, who was much more sane than he was.

Some claim that later on LRH reinstated disconnection. It is quite possibly true. Once his wife was out of his life, insanity claimed him, and he was no longer taking the road to survival. It is also possible that the issue of reinstatement is a fake.

Here is something that is clearly not fake, and clearly emanates from LRH. In the formula for the conditions of Power here is the first step:

“first law in a Condition of Power is not to disconnect. You have to honor and stay connected with what got you there. Don’t just deny your connections because you now are flying high. You have to take ownership and responsibility for your connections as they are an indispensable part of your success.”

I think the paragraph above speaks for itself. According to LRH with disconnection there is no power. That is what David Miscavitch and his minions have not understood. They are not on their way to power. They are on their way to oblivion.


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